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    Contact us to receive our pre-purchase agreement and become a member of the Rainbow of Hope program.


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    Once you have signed up, you may pre-purchase one or more shares, and choose from an extensive list of products that can be grown easily under local conditions, you can even request others not on our list if you want. The standard yearly pre-purchase share covers a fixed amount of meats and eggs in addition to your selected veggies - enough for a family of 3. Additional meat, eggs, wild herbs, etc. can be purchased direct from the farmers a-la-cart as available.

    一旦您做了登记就可以预购一份或者多份产品,从丰富的产品列表中选择你的产品,这些产品都是能够在当地生产的,您也可以要求产品列表中没有列出的产品,只要能够在当地生产出来农户就可以生产。 一份标准预购的产品包括固定量的肉、蛋以及你从蔬菜品种列表选择的蔬菜品种,这足够三口之家的用量。额外的肉、蛋以及野生产品等可以直接从农户处预定购买。

  • Prepay


    After completing your regular delivery order form and filling out the pre-purchase agreement, make your one-time payment to secure your yearly supply of fresh, organic, delicious produce.




    After about 2 months, your first delivery should be ready. Enjoy the food while it's still fresh with each week's delivery, share with friends and family.




    Come and visit the farm, check on progress, learn about our unique farming methods, make time to meditate, hike, practice yoga, or do nothing but enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells, of the pristine landscape. Even if you are not yet a shareholding member, you are welcome to come and enjoy the pristine air on the farm for a day or two.


    About CSA programs


    In a CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) a local community organizes local residents to pre-purchase a seasonal or yearly yield of crops from local farms and divide it among themselves based on the number of shares each has purchased. A share is typically designed to feed one adult or a family of three. If the standard share is not enough, multiple shares can be purchased. The community may be a group of neighbors or friends, a company, club, or school or church congregation, as long as they are relatively close geographically.



    Members of a CSA often join to ensure that their food is grown a certain way (e.g. organic, GMO-free, pesticide free, seasonal, etc.) to ensure reasonable prices on food they regularly consume, and/or to support the livelihood of local farmers and artisans.



    For whatever reason they are formed, CSA programs are a great way to get good food! The first step is to request a shareholder pre-purchase agreement and join the initiative for a brighter, more connected, and healthier future.



    If you are not located in Shanghai, feel free to contact us and get the tools you need to organize your own CSA.


    Behind the scenes . . .

    The Rainbow of Hope team works hard to fulfill your orders. First we organize local farmers, helping them to consolidate onto a common, easy to manage tract of land in the hometown; we engage the community and build stakeholder engagement to ensure farmers' buy-in and earn their trust. A local farming cooperative is helpful to ensure that local farmers own the land and a share of any additional profits, as well as allowing for bulk-purchase of seed, livestock, fertilizer, and farm equipment.



    After turning the delivery requests submitted by the CSA into a production plan, local farmers prepare the fields, plant, and tend to a successful harvest, reporting progress back to the CSA shareholders at every step. When produce is ready for harvest it is gathered and treated for preservation until shipment (cleaned, dried, and/or frozen; absolutely no preservative added). When the time for weekly shipment arrives everything is packaged individually for the urban families and shipped off.



    At each leg of the journey, shipment status is updated so that CSA families know when to expect the delivery.


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    Keep up to date and in the know about the Rainbow of Hope, related efforts and knowledge. Our FAQs are found here.

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    Let us know if you are interested in pre-purchasing our organic produce from Fred's Farm. Please help us out by telling us how you first heard of Rainbow of Hope. Questions, general comments, and encouragement are also Welcome! Please also check our FAQ.


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