• Fermentation

    Workshops in Shanghai with author and artist Tara Whitsitt

    Tara Whitsitt of Fermentation on Wheels will teach food fermentation workshops in Shanghai between November 15 and December 10. The courses, held on several evenings and a weekend, will range from 1.5 hours to 3 hours and can be taken in series.

    What is it?

    Fermentation is a microbial transformation in which sugars are converted into acids, gases, and sometimes alcohol, transforming foods into a more preserved state and giving them complex, unique flavors. During this transformation, microbes proliferate and create a diverse microcommunity, so your food is teeming with beneficial microorganisms. Sauerkraut, miso, and yogurt are common examples of fermented foods packed with helpful bacteria. When you eat fermented foods, you introduce these beneficial microorganisms to your microbiome, located in the gut.

    Why Fermentation

    Microbe-rich fermented foods and drinks offer a healthy alternative to the more widely available processed and preserved foods sold today. When you introduce beneficial bacteria to your body, you strengthen your gut, improve immunity, and better your digestive health. You also encourage a food culture that promotes diversity and health for your inner ecosystem, which like all ecosystems needs a balance of microbes to thrive. Microorganisms are essential—they’re the underlying connection between all life-forms.



  • Tara Whitsitt

    Tara Whitsitt is an artist and food educator who organizes events worldwide to bridge communities and restore a genuine fascination in local, traditionally-preserved foods. She is also the author of Fermentation on Wheels: Road Stories, Food Ramblings, and 50 Do-It-Yourself Recipes, an illustrated memoir/cookbook following the project that toured the United States for two years, teaching fermentation to and inspiring communities out of a school bus converted into a fermentation lab, library, and workshop space.


    Whitsitt describes her mission as an effort to, “support micro-agriculture and local economy, focus on sustainable, organic foods that improve and teach healthfulness, and promote the use of fermentation to preserve farm-fresh foods that can be enjoyed year-round.”

    Fermentation on Wheels

    Fermentation on Wheels is a grassroots project that brings fermentation education to communities of all ages and backgrounds. By traveling the country, connecting consumers to local farmers, and teaching fermentation, the project hopes to emphasize the importance of strong, sustainable food practices and values. Learn more at www.fermentationonwheels.com.

  • Fermentation: Food Processes for a Food-Sustainable Future

    Series Introduction

    Fermentation is a testament to the deep intelligence of age-old processes, the wonders of collaboration with nature, and the eagerness of microorganisms to thrive. Discover traditions of preservation through bacterial collaboration in a course with Tara Whitsitt of Fermentation on Wheels.


    In this series of workshops, we will cover basic concepts such as wild vegetable and beverage fermentation, starter cultures and botanicals in fermentation, and culturally diverse ferments such as miso, tempeh, and laphet thoke. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of fermentation to promote sustainability and diversity in our food system.

  • Fermentation on Wheels

    author talk and fermentation demonstration

    With her new illustrated memoir/cookbook, Tara shares
    road stories and recipes–from the generous farmers who
    offered respite and fermentables, to young arms baptized
    elbow-deep in salty cabbage, and to fifty unique recipes.

  • Wild Vegetable Fermentation

    Discover the simple tradition of preservation through
    bacterial collaboration in one of its most simple forms:
    via the local micro-flora of vegetables! Fermented
    foods heal our bodies, celebrate age-old traditions, and
    promote healthy eco-systems. Learn about cost effective
    & simple tools that will help you get started at home.

  • Cultured Beans & Grains

    For Flavor and Nutrition

    Discover the unique flavors and learn about the
    health benefits of fermented beans and grains. This
    presentation will get you started with how to make
    cultured oatmeal, miso, and tempeh at home.

  • MAD for Miso

    For Flavor and Nutrition

    Learn how to make miso, a fermented bean paste that
    hails from Japan and is well-loved for its decadent
    umami flavor. This cultured condiment can be made
    using a variety of different grains and legumes as well
    as be used to flavor everything from soups to marinades
    and salad dressings. This workshop is hands-on, taste
    bud-interactive, and take home.

  • Get Cultured

    potluck and starter culture swap

    A potluck, talk, and culture exchange. Attendees bring
    fermented dishes or cultures (kombucha SCOBYs,
    sourdough starter, kefir grains, yogurt, etc.) to share
    and swap with other fermenters. This potluck is open
    to interested beginners as well as expert fermenters.
    Complementary non-fermented dishes are encouraged!
    Learn about fermentation, especially the differences
    between wild fermentation and fermentation through
    inoculation, and then join a starter culture swap.

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