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Rainbow of Hope FAQ

FAQs About Rainbow of Hope

  1. How does Rainbow of Hope(ROH) work?

    ROH aims to connect the farmers directly with the city end consumers in two models to supply ecologically sustainable produces.

    1.One individual farmer household connected with around 10 city families.

    2. Multiple farmer households get connected with one city organiztion, a school, a restaurant, a company and similar units.

    By connecting the two sides directly no middlemen are needed, which makes all products highly traceable and maxumizes benifits for both sides. On one hand, city consumers get the healthy food and on the other hand farmers can stay on their land with their faimilies.

    ROH connections also encourage farmers to adopt ecologically sustaibale farming practices which is based on the traditional Chinese farming system. The stable income from ROH connections contributes to achieve the goal.

  2. How are the farmers organized by ROH?

    ROH farmers are organized by local farmers' cooperatives or similar non-profits. ROH only accept farmers to sell their products via ROH when they are certified by such a farmers' organization which will educate as well supervise the farmers to follow the ROH standards.

    5-10 farmer households can be grouped together at a certain piece of land to set up a mutual farm for the production. The farmers' cooperative will also coordinate the production plan, logistics as well as financing between the farmers and the city stakeholders.

  • What are the ROH standards?

    All farms associated with ROH are required to strictly adhere to the Rainbow of Hope Production Code. Products from our farm are naturally grown. ROH farms:

    1. Forbid the use of chemicals

    a) Fertilizers

    b) Pesticides

    c) Herbicides

    2. Also forbidden are:

    a) Antibiotics

    b) Genetically Modified Organisms

    c) Hormones

  • Where are the ROH farms? What products does ROH provide?

    ROH currently has 4 locations for prodution. They are Dingjia Rural Community in Western Hunan, Laozhai in Guilin, Guangxi Autonomous Region, Xiamen Fujian Province and Xing'an County Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. A few ecological farms at Shanghai suburbs as well as in Zhejiang Province are also available upon the city consumers' request.

    Products include grains, vegetables & fruits, poultry & eggs, meat and aquatic products. There are over 200 varieties currently.

  • Which cities is ROH in service?

    Currently ROH services are just availalbe in Shanghai.

  • What is the environment like on the farms?

    Basically ROH choose farms in the poverty-stricken areas where usually they are distant from cities and difficult reach because of mountains. That on the other hand that has also preserved the environment as original and natural. They are generally also far away from factories and mines. Take Hunan farm for instance, in the radius of 100 km, there are no factories, mines or any highways at all so the environment is free from free any industrial pollution or car emission.  

  • How does ROH deliver the products?

    The farmer packs the products for each matching city family and the boxes will be gathered by the farmers' cooperative to send to the closest train station. The train takes the boxes to Shanghai overninght. A driver will take care of the delivery to the doorsteps or the dropoff stations right upon the arrival of the boxes.

    Each Thursday and Friday, orders are submitted. The next Monday afternoon the products will be delivered to your doorstep.

  • How much are ROH products?

    ROH price is based on two models. 1.Membership Price=farmer's quotation on the farm+10% management fees for the farmers' coopeartive. 2. Non-membership Price= Membership Price *1.2.

  • How to order ROH products?

    First become a member of ROH and you can add wechat account fredyoungshanghai for signing up and paying for the membership. Fill out your order plan and pay for both the membership and the products and then you will get regular delivery each Monday afternoon according to your order.

    You can scan the QR Code below to add your ROH contact to your wechat.

  • How to order randomly or for trying out?

    If you want to order randomly or try out ROH products, you can submit the ROH Trial Order each Thursday and Friday. The delivery will be done the next Monday afternoon.

    For random or trial order you can just scan the QR Code below to submit your order.

  • What benifits are there to become a ROH member?

    ROH members will have benifits as follows. 1. Good price from the farmer. The price=farmer's quotation +10% management fees for the farmers' cooperative +shipment fees. The price is around 20% lower than non-membership. 2. The price policy also applies to other products from ROH farms in different locations. 3. ROH members have the priority to buy products with limited availability.

  • What is the ROH membership fee?

    Regular ROH membership annual fee is RMB1,500. You can choose either 1. order time period of one year or 2. 52 deliveries which could be finished within 18 mongths.

  • How to pay?

    Contact Fred Young via wechat account fredyoungshanghai. Payment can be done via 1. wechat pay. 2. Alipay. and 3. Bank transfer.

    After payment for the membership fees as well as the cost for the products, the deliveries start as planned. Generally there will be two months after the payment to get the first delivery. But if season comes at the right time, the dellivery could also be immediate after the payment.

    Non-membership could get the delivery after they pay for the cost.

  • Is there direct contact with the farmer?

    Yes. there are wechat groups for direct discussions but in Chinese. Translation tools may help with the communication sometimes.

  • Can the deliveries be paused for some time?

    Yes. You can discuss this with the coordinator of the farmers' cooperative for that.

  • Is the membership allowed to be transferred?


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