• Venue Directions

    How to get to our workshops - tips and tricks

    Urban Soup Kitchen

    45 Caoxi Bei Lu,
    near Xujiahui Station, Exit 9




    Metro exit no.9 is the closest.


    Make sure to enter the alley on the left of the Kungfu Restaurant.


    Urban Soup Kitchen is on the left side when you enter the building.


  • Venue Directions

    How to get to our workshops - tips and tricks

    Agora Space


    1199 Panyu Road,

    Building 8 Underground,

    Xuhui District, Shanghai



    Subway via Yishan Road Station exit 4 for lines 4, 3 and 9.

    or Hongqiao Road Station exit 6 for line 10.

    Bus lines 44, 76, 286, 548, 827, 836

    Personal vehicle: Enjoy bicycle, e-bike, car. We have a large parking facility with charging stations.


  • Cengu Eco-Farm

    Location: Dianshan Lake, Cengu Eco-Farm


    地点:淀山湖,岑卜村, 岑谷生态农场





    Option 1 - Take the Bus

    Step 1

    Take the 7:30 AM bus from Danshui Bus Station (淡水路长乐路)it is a one minute walk from Line 1 Huangpi South Station.


    Step 2

    Get off at Jinze Bus Station (金泽汽车站) and wait for us to pick you up the bus that leaves at 7:30AM should arrive at 8:30AM.


    Option 2 - Take The Subway


    Take Line 2 or Line 10 to Hongqiao Railway Station (虹桥火车站) and take a taxi to the farm. Call or message in the group to see if we can send a car to pick you up.



    Whether you take the Subway or Bus, please coordinate with the classmates on the Dianshan WeChat group to coordinate ride sharing.


    Be sure to call, WeChat or Text to let us know you are coming 13120633140; especially if you did not register for the class before Thursday, July 5


    We will provide transportation to the station for people that will return to the city in the evening.



    Line 17

    First Train From Hongqiao @ 6:00AM

    Last Train To Hongqiao @ 22:00PM


    Bus 沪商高速专线

    Cost 12 RMB (cash or transportation card)

    Last Bus from Shangta to Danshui Road @ 5PM


    Below: Danshui Bus Station (Link on the left)

    Below: Destination Bus Station - Jinze

    Below: Location of the farm

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