• Ecological Farming Practices


    Using innovative techniques in organic farming, farmers are increasing the yield of the fields while building soil and the farmer's income, without chemical or petroleum-based inputs. Rainbow of Hope aims to promote and popularize such practices.


    通过使用 有机农业 的创新技术,我们 在不增加生产成本的情况下增加单位土地的收益率和农民的收入。参与“阳光三农计划”的家庭可以获得湘西深山里按照中国传统“自给自足”方式种养的农产品,包括农户全部可以生产的果蔬、禽蛋肉、粮油等农产品和在山里能获得的野生产品、手工制品等;同时参与家庭还有机会成为农场股东;农户也会从中受益,不必流落城市留下大批留守老人、妇女和儿童。

    Mushroom / Rice Crop Rotations

    蘑菇-水稻-蔬菜 轮作

    Improving the soil, sequestering carbon, and improving air quality.


    By growing shiitake mushrooms on the rice paddies after harvest, we can gain the benefit of controlling bugs, biodegrading straw, and improving the overall quality of the soil. By expanding our program, we can actually reduce the amount of hot CO2 being released into the atmosphere, while also decreasing the amount of smog generated in the post-harvest season.



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