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  • Mission


    Our mission is to strengthen rural communities and promote sustainable agriculture by linking urban families with rural farmers, while providing healthy and safe food for all.


  • Rainbow of Hope Horizons

    traceability | care | trust | nourishment | participation | integration | regeneration



    Good, Clean, Fair

    • Ensuring competitive income for farm families
    • Promoting good agricultural practices: permaculture,ecological,natural,traditional and regenerative farming
    • No chemical fertilizers or pesticides, excessive antibiotics or growth hormones will ever be used in the growing of foods by supported farmers
    • We do not plant or harbor GMOs


    Our Near-Term Goals

    Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share

    • Increased diversity of heirloom products 
    • More competitive costs; make good food available to more people
    • Food grown closer, reducing the carbon footprint and logistics costs
    • Provide comfortable, traditional-style lodging on farms so our members and friends can visit to enjoy the production; stay longer to enjoy the scenery and pristine environment
    • Engage professionals, encourage our urban and rural communities to establish recycling and reuse programs

    Our Long-Term Goals

    Global Regeneration

    • Make our operations carbon neutral by providing renewable community-scale energy at our farms
    • Scale regenerative farming practices by expanding the farming cooperatives network
    • 100% reusable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging, free of harmful constituents.
    • Make it easy for anyone to create and operate a CSA in any community - providing tools to make it run smoothly
  • Profiles

    Stay tuned as we prepare to introduce our community sponsors,

    farm caretakers, and the rest of the founding team!


    Fred Young




    Formerly an English teacher and real-estate consultant, Fred Young is a passionate individual with an inspiring dream.



    He spends most of his time promoting a vision of eco-communities that enrich both urban and rural lifestyles, and teaching about farming, community organizing, and NGO management. In the future, Fred hopes to spend more time nourishing, coordinating and educating the farm community.



    The first youth of his village to attend university, Fred retired from the corporate world in 2008 and fearlessly returned to his hometown in West Hunan, giving back to his community by creating an organic farming business and the Rainbow of Hope program.


  • Contact Us!


    Let us know if you are interested in pre-purchasing our organic produce from Fred's Farm. Please help us out by telling us how you first heard of Rainbow of Hope. Questions, general comments, and encouragement are also Welcome! Please also check our FAQ.


  • Partners


    Green Initiatives 绿色倡议

    Environmental Awareness, Education, & Impact through initiatives

    Green Initiatives mission is minimize or reverse the environmental degradation in China brought about by economic growth, and ensure that economic development and a better standard of living do not come at the cost of the environment.


    Laojia 老家

    Connecting Adventurous Travelers with Authentic, Rural China

    Laojia exists to share and preserve the beauty of authentic rural China, giving adventurous travelers authentic China experiences. Laojia provides traditional accommodation in unique remote locations throughout China’s countryside and work together with local people to promote and protect the beauty that rural China has to offer.

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